Poladay whitening gel instructions

11 Remove gingival barrier. This is the reason for the whitening gel, whSDI Poladay 9. 5% (Hydrogen) Peroxide; Instant Make at Home Dental Whitening Gel Trays; HappySmile 6% and 9. There are two types of Pola Day treatment, 7. 5%, and 9. With poladay, a small amount of whitening gel is placed in the trays and worn for a short period of time each day over the course of a few consecutive days. Poladay uses hydrogen peroxide which is a fast treatment and can be worn for as little as 30 minutes in the day. There are three reasons that whitening gel, as well as many other products expire. Please follow the instructions carefully for safe, optimal results. This means you do have the option of treating just your upper or lower teeth. 5% (Hydrogen Peroxide) Formula; CREST *PROFESSIONAL* SUPREME WHITENING STRIPS; HOW TO GET STARTED! **(DENTAL PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS)** CUSTOM FIT Dental LAB MOUTH TRAYS (2mm) With IMPORTANT Reservoirs & Seals. 1-The active ingredients are unstable and slowly change so as to be spoiled or lose their potency so as to be unusable. HIGHLY …Spearmint flavored, crystal clear gels that contain a unique blend of soothers, conditioners and water to reduce sensitivity. Beauty consultants agree that white teeth play an important role in facial beautification. Whiter teeth improves confidence, makes you look younger and more attractive!White Glo Express Whitening System lifts stains and yellowing on the surface of teeth enamel safely — without abrasion! This new formula is double the strength of White Glo's original whitening gel, providing effective results These solutions are specially formulated to help minimize whitening-related tooth sensitivity. 3 Wipe away excess gel in Just like Boutique whitening, Pola involves you wearing a custom-made tray which contains teeth whitening gel. Amazon [Opalescence 35% is] my personal favorite choice and the whitening gel I use. Expectations: Actual amount of tooth whitening will vary between patients. As an overnight alternative, polanight solution can be placed in the tray and worn while you . A person's complete set of teeth is composed of two arches. 8mL pola o 10 After the last application, suction all gel off, then wash with water and apply suction. There can be several reasons why you might choose to do so. 5%. 2 Seat the tray, with the gel, around the teeth. We will mark all of our international orders …Dentists usually charge for tray-based teeth whitening by the "arch. Opalescence is known for their whitening products in the dental industry. Pola Offi ce+ 1 Place a small drop of gel into every compartment of the tray for the teeth undergoing treatment. WHITENING SYSTEM o oxide 2. " An arch is a dental term used to refer to either the upper or lower teeth. Make sure to use the right treatment guideline below. Your home whitening kit contains Poladay Tooth Whitening system

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