Whitening gel fridge

Whitening gel fridge , you can customize a teeth-whitening treatment around each patient’s needs. 1 patient-requested professional whitening brand in the U. Keep the dental gel stored in the fridge or cool place. I would recommend reading ALL instructions before use and take care if you have sensitive teeth. The unique formula enables the same bleaching results as a standard gel when applied for only 2 hours a day, resulting in less overall sensitivity. HappySmile Tooth Whitening Tips: Do not rush treatment. Syringes have a shelf life of at least one year; storage in the fridge will extend this with some month. I am having great results using it approx every other day. Professional whitening system of choice for Optident Ltd. It comes with A LOT of whitening gel. With Philips Zoom, the No. As per Liquor Act 2007, it is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years. What does tooth whitening involve? Professional bleaching is the most usual method of tooth whitening. This depends on your personal preference, as whitening can be started at any time during or after your treatment. Woolworths Online supports the Responsible Service of Alcohol. Tooth whitening This is a gentle and safe tooth whitening gel that has been formulated to help people with sensitive teeth whiten with confidence. With each session lasting 2 to 4 hours, or possibly overnight. However, if your teeth are crowded and covering each other, it may be best to wait until all the surfaces can be reached by the whitening gel to achieve a more uniform result. As they do not need to be stored in the fridge, we recommend keeping them at a temperature of between 2-24 degrees centigrade to ensure the best results. . Systems that utilize a 10% carbamide peroxide whitening gel and custom-made bleaching trays (the type of system typically dispensed by dentists, and the one referred to on our pages) typically call for: Once-a-day treatments. If you get any gel onto the gums during treatment then simply remove it with a wet cotton bud. Do not use any type of mouth wash during the course of treatment. Keep in fridge to make it last longest. Your dental team will be able to tell you if you are suitable for the treatment, and will supervise it if you are. Peroxide Free Gel - the European Standard T hese resealable syringes provide enough gel for 10 at least whitening sessions. First the dental team will put a rubber shield or a gel on your gums to protect them. S. White Dental Beauty 16% Carbamide Peroxide teeth whitening gel refill kit. Do not overload the trays with the gel Whitening gel fridge